Searching for a manual for your Iseki, Kubota, Yanmar? – We got it!

Searching for a manual for your Iseki, Kubota, Yanmar? – We got it!

Every tractor delivered from Japan, such as Iseki, Kubota, Yanmar, Hinomoto and Mitsubishi, is provided with Japanese texts. Of course this is very funny and exciting to see, but it is not very useful.

Partly because of this, and the number of questions we often get for manuals and/or explanations of the well-known buttons, we decided to write a blog.

A wise lesson that many people don’t know yet is that many EU models are the same as Japanese tractors. This is of course not said by a European supplier, because they are not allowed to do so. Iseki and Kubota models therefore have different names. An example for us is the Iseki TA530. Or is this now an Iseki TA 230 (Japanese delivered) with slightly less horsepower or wait is this now an Iseki 5030? To stop this confusion, we have of course written down everything ourselves. Not only for knowledge, but also because of passion.

In Germany, people recognize the Kumunaltraktor, such a tractor with hydraulics at the front and rear. Often a cabin etc. So these are known as for example Iseki 5030. This was then again in the Netherlands as for example an Iseki TA530. And the “gray” imported version from Japan was the TA series (Landleader) including such as the TA230. I could go on for a long time with models, but we’re not going to bore people.

To continue on the sometimes advanced tractors from Japan. As people sometimes describe on forums, the tractors are quite advanced. They mean for instance the rear hydraulics, which are controlled via electric control boxes. And for example Monroematic like from Kubota.

We hope to help through manuals and give people a clear outline of how tractors work.

How we are going to do this exactly, we are still thinking about it. We always help to send manuals through the mail.

Manuals we have now as an example:

– Kubota B1200- 1902

  • Mitsubishi MT180

  • Kubota B5001 – B7001 OR no? Is this one B5100 to B7100 after all? Another example of a similar tractor (not 100% similar, but many parts)


Once again, we want to put these manuals online. We will discuss internally how we can do this best and in the best way. Last week we saw Fora messages from the United States. They describe Japanese tractors as; unobtainable parts, often not knowing anything about parts. Shop4trac is doing its utmost to make a change in this. In the United States they have for example the Bolens(Is the same as Iseki). However, you can see that there is also uncertainty when you have a grey import tractor such as an Iseki TX1500.

We will keep you informed in our blogs!

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