Changing filters yourself on your mini tractor – How easy is it?

Changing filters yourself on your mini tractor – How easy is it?

How annoying it is these days. Your mechanic never has time and there are always high costs associated with the repair and or maintenance of your mini tractor. We would like to make people enthusiastic to work on their mini tractor themselves.

As an example, in this blog post we will add some videos showing how to change a filter on your mini tractor. Changing the air filter is often a matter of clicking open some clamps and/or simply loosening a bracket. The fuel filter is often accompanied by unscrewing the ring that sits around the glass of the fuel housing. Remember to shut off the fuel supply first. Then take out the old filter and put in the new one. Easy fix! The only operation that takes a little more time is, of course, changing the engine oil and engine oil filter. This involves a number of steps;

Changing the oil of your mini tractor

  1. Start with loosening the top filler cap.
  2. Next, drain the oil out at the bottom, where there is a “bolt” or “plug” that you can unscrew. It is best to perform this step when the engine is already slightly at operating temperature, which makes the oil run out better.
  3. Now you can remove the oil filter, you can often unscrew this by hand, or use a tool to unscrew the oil filter. Personally, I always manage with a hammer and screwdriver by giving the filter a few gentle taps so that the filter ‘jerks’ loose.
  4. Install the new oil filter supplied in the filter kit and then don’t forget to smear a little oil on the rubber ring of the filter.
  5. Reinstall the plug at the bottom with a new copper seal and/or a rubber washer.
  6. It is now time to add the new oil, this is often 15W40. Make sure to check if no oil is leaking out at the bottom.
  7. Always let the engine run idle for 10 seconds, to make sure that the oil filter is properly filled.
  8. Now check the oil again with the oil dipstick.
  9. The service of the oil is done! This contributes to a healthy engine.

In addition to this information, we always like to give some real-world tips. An interesting one to mention, is that in the radiator, always coolant has to be used and never water. Too many customers call us with the sad news that they have a crack in the engine block. This is totally unnecessary and is very pricey when it happens.

We can write an awful lot about the hydraulics of a mini tractor, but we can do it better by posting a video about it. Below you can see the video of changing the filters on the B6001, B6000, B7000 and B7001. See also our other videos on, for example, the Iseki TL or the Iseki TX. In the future we will add many more videos.



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