Iseki TX1410 | TX1510 | TX2140 | TX2160 – How do I replace the Air Filter, Oil Filter and Fuel Filter?

Iseki TX1410 | TX1510 | TX2140 | TX2160 – How do I replace the Air Filter, Oil Filter and Fuel Filter?

In this blog, we describe how to replace the air filter, fuel filter and oil filter. This is not as obvious as it would seem. Due to the fact that there are two different models of the TX1410 and TX1510.

The Iseki TX1410 was made from 1978 – 1981. In the early years, different materials were used than for the later models. Note that the Iseki TX145 and TX155 are equivalent. However, these have been renewed again compared to the TX1410 and TX1510. The TX1410 and TX1510 are also equivalent to the Iseki TX2140 and TX2160. However, those are European models. The chassis and engine are the same.

The Air Filter

The air filter must be replaced by removing the retaining clip around the filter housing. Then you can very easily remove the air filter, through the front cover. The first series of TX1410 and TX1510 have the old model air filter. This is the same filter as used for the TX1300 and TX1500. Check this before ordering the filters from us. After removing the old air filter, the air duct inside the filter housing must be completely cleaned. Do this with a cloth or possibly a vacuum cleaner to remove all “debris”. Install the new air filter and replace the screw that holds the filter in place. This secures the filter in the filter housing and there is no possibility of air passing the air filter. This prevents sand and debris from entering the engine.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is always the same and can be ordered without hesitation. When removing the fuel filter, the “valve” of the fuel filter housing should always be turned to position “0”. So that no diesel is lost. Then the glass with the metal ring can be unscrewed in an anticlockwise direction. After this process you can remove the fuel filter. When installing the new fuel filter, the glass must be cleaned! Also pay attention to the seal on the housing. If it leaks, replace the rubber ring. Personally we advise to always do this.

Oil filter

The oil filter can only be replaced after the plugin is removed at the bottom of the oil sump pan. This is because the oil must be removed before replacing the filter. It is best to always let the engine run for 2 minutes so that the oil flows out better. After this is done, the oil filter can be replaced. For the Iseki TX1410, TX1510, TX2140 and TX2160, about 3 liters of oil is required to be refilled in the engine. The suitable oil is 15W40.

Hydraulic Filter

As shown in the YouTube video, the hydraulic filter is on the suction side of the hydraulic line. We always recommend replacing it. It is not a cheap filter, but very important. After the filter does not sift everything properly, it can carry small pieces through. Consequences of this are a malfunctioning rear lever (hydraulics) and the hydraulic system gets blocked.
By the way, if you have any questions about this, you can always ask!

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