Ordering an Iseki water pump, do I have the right one? – This step-by-step plan will help you

Ordering an Iseki water pump, do I have the right one? – This step-by-step plan will help you

Every two weeks we try to write a post about products, tractors or a fun fact. Now it is the turn of the water pumps, which according to our customer service need more details. In addition, we have added all sizes of radiators. Here will also appear a Blog and videos.

To start with we started with Iseki water pumps. Our well-known models are highlighted; Iseki Water pump Iseki SIAL and the K3A-K3D/S4L water pump.

Technical Data:

The video of the water pump K3A, K3B, K3C, K3D, S4L with technical data:



Technical data:

The video and data of the Iseki water pump TK, TM, TU, TXG, SFH, SG, SGR, SXG, Sial, GEAS, TH.











Assembly of the water pump in 10 steps

Step 1.

Always wait until the engine has cooled down before carrying out maintenance work on the cooling system components.

Step 2.

Remove the fan belt if you can, and otherwise remove the radiator to create more space. Often this only requires loosening the radiator hoses and tilting the radiator forward to make room (for example on an Iseki TX1510).

Step 3.

When removing the water pump, a number of hoses must be disconnected. However, at step 2. most of the cooling water will have drained off, catch it well due to environmental regulations! Our tip is to always flush the cooling water system thoroughly to remove all grease residues, waste and sand from the system. Tractors are often old and maintenance has not always been optimal in the past. Do not skip this step!

Step 4.

Loosen the screws of the water pump and remove it from the engine. The old gasket comes with the pump and must be removed from the engine. All (seal) residues should also be removed until they become bare metal.

Step 5.

Check all radiator hoses and also the cooling system. Does the thermostat still work, does the radiator cap still work and are there no cracks or leaks in other parts?

Step 6.

Mount the water pump supplied by us. Do not try to move the pump by hitting the pump shaft!
Old seals and gaskets must be replaced with new ones. Seals are supplied as standard with the water pumps. This was chosen in order to be able to complete the repair as quickly as possible when we receive our water pump. Too much time is lost with the old-fashioned tapping of a seal. An important point when fitting the water pump is to use a liquid seal. Our mechanics therefore recommend lubricating a small amount onto the water pump and the seal. This for a 100% seal. Apply an even bead of liquid sealant along the edge of the component, but do not use too much. If you have applied too much sealant to the part, wipe off the excess before installing the new water pump. Too much sealant will jeopardise correct installation and may decompose in the cooling system and contaminate it. Liquid sealants are also manufactured with different drying speeds. Therefore, observe the printed instructions on the sealant.

Step 7.

Tighten the water pump bolts evenly so that the seal or liquid sealant is evenly distributed.

Step 8.

Reattach the hoses and push the cooler back into position when it is ready. Close everything again and tighten it as you did during disassembly.

Step 9.

When fitting the V-belt, make sure that it has the correct tension. Not too loose, otherwise the cooling fin and the alternator could slip. Also make sure that the V-belt is not too tight. Because otherwise the bearing of the water pump could fail!

Step 10.

Fill the cooling system with the prescribed coolant or use the most suitable coolant. Then carry out a visual inspection by looking for leaks. Start the tractor, let it warm up and check for leaks several times.

Good luck!!!

Is your water pump not listed?

We try to listen to all customers and buy water pumps wherever there is a need. Our product range includes pumps for Shibaura, Yanmar, Hinomoto, Satoh, Gutbrod, Kumiai, Mitsubishi and Kubota. Nevertheless, it happens that a pump for Yanmar, for example, is not listed. This is logical, because Yanmar has more than 50 types. If this is the case, you can always contact our customer service! We can often deliver the pump within 3/4 days if it has to be ordered.


Do you have any further ideas or need more information about e.g. water pumps from Iseki, Kubota, Yanmar etc.? Please send an e-mail to support@shop4trac.com and we will try to provide you with the necessary information.

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