John Deere 855 mini tractor to replace Iseki – What’s the difference between a Japanese and American, anyway?

John Deere 855 mini tractor to replace Iseki – What’s the difference between a Japanese and American, anyway?

We recently used a John Deere 855 in our YouTube video to explain a few things about this tractor. To explain the difference between Japanese and the American, it is actually quite simple. After all, they share the heart; the engine.

Where does John Deere make its compact tractors?

As the type plate of the John Deere 855 indicates, it was produced at the John Deere factory in Moline, Illinois(USA). The tractor features John Deere’s well-known components that make it ideally suited for the toughest tasks. If we go further and look at the engine it becomes different. In fact, their compact tractors typically have Yanmar diesel engines. Yanmar has been making John Deere engines for about 30 years. In fact, not only the engines, but the entire John Deere tractors have been made by Yanmar for years. However, this concerns only series that are known for this reason.

The John Deere 855 with a Yanmar 3TN75 engine

That Yanmar has a good reputation is obvious. Yanmar’s engines are used all over the world. From boat engines in the “marine” segment to mini-excavators, power units and their own mini tractors. Shop4trac itself also carries all the parts for these Yanmar engines. From water pump to the solenoid as named in the video. We have it.

The characteristics of a Japanese compared to an American

The parts we mainly supply for are of the brands Iseki, Kubota, Shibaura, Yanmar, Hinomoto etc. These are tractors that ended up in Europe through gray imports. These tractors were actually produced explicitly to work in rice fields and therefore often have the “recognized” Rice tires to grip in the rice fields. These tractors are robustly built, but do not come with road lights, cab, English descriptions, no rear hitch(due to Mill) and road approval, for example.

  • So what is the difference between a European-supplied Iseki and, say, a John Deere?

This is a lot less and already makes the comparison a lot easier. The Iseki TK538 as an example can be well compared to a John Deere 955. Both about in the same range in terms of horsepower and are the same size. To boot, both are often equipped with the Walter mauser cab and things like the rear hitch and trailer coupler are the same. The heater and similar accessories come standard with the cab and make no further distinction. All that remains then is the drive train and engine. Despite the fact that the brands are very different, there will be no great preference. Both of 3 cylinder of which the TK538, for example, has a turbocharged engine.

John Deere 855 mini tractor to replace Iseki - What's the difference between a Japanese and American, anyway?

Iseki TK538

John Deere 855 mini tractor to replace Iseki - What's the difference between a Japanese and American, anyway?

Iseki TK538 Turbo

  • Parts to be supplied

Since Shop4trac supplies engine parts for both brands, it can be said that for the engine everything can be supplied. Whether it is a Toyosha(Hinomoto), Shibaura, Yanmar, Kubota, Iseki or Mitsubishi engine. We have everything in the range.

The old John Deere models feel more like tractors

What we often hear from customers is that the new models from Iseki and John Deere, for example, look more like riding mowers. They are no longer real tractor models and look like a modern plastic part with an engine in it. However, the ergonomic concerns of the people working on the machines must be taken into account. The proportions of the seat and steering wheel are often improved, for example, and the pedal of the HST(hydrostatic) is lighter since it goes with sensors instead of mechanical. On the outside, they are more practical and often shorter. If a problem then arises with too little weight, one can apply front weights to compensate.


Conclusion and an informative video of the John Deere 855

A John Deere, like a European Japanese tractor, is a fine and, above all, reliable machine to work with. Thus, many features are already installed from the factory such as; hydraulic connections, road lights, 35km/h etc. The comparison, as mentioned above, makes it lesser and yet there are some aspects that make it the John Deere as an enthusiast. The ease of removing a grill and or side panels makes it a professional machine for the John Deere. Everything has been thought about like the big tractors. As far as we are concerned, a super tractor. For other blog keep following us!


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