Thermostat Kubota

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Thermostat suitable for the following models:


  • GL29, GL32,
  • X20, A-195,
  • A-14, A-13, A-15, A-155, A-17, A-175,
  • A-19,
  • GB16, GB18, GB20,
  • GL21, GL19,
  • B1550, B1600, B1700, B1702, B1750, B21, B2100, B2150, B2320, B2400, B2410
  • B26, B2620, B2630, B2710, B2910, B2920, B3030, B3200, B3300, B40, B52, B5200,  B6200, B7200
  • B7410, B7500, B7510, B7610, B7800, B8200, B9200
  • L2050, L225, L2250, L235, L2350, L245, L2550, L2650, L275, L2850, L285, L2950, L295, L305, L3250, L3350
  • L345, L3450, L345, L355, L3650, L3750,  L4150, L4150, L4350, L5450
  • KH36, KH51, KH101, KH110, KH151, KH170L, KH18L, KH191, KH28L
  • KH60H, KH90H, KH91H, KX101, KX151, KX412,
  • KX612, KX713, KX713S, KX912, U25S


  • D1005, D1105, D1305, D1703, D782, D902, D905
  • V1305, V1505, V2203
  • Z482, Z602
OEM number for reference:
There are more models with the same thermostat, please check OEM number.
Openings temperature: 71 °C

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Thermostat Kubota

38,50 inc VAT

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