Iseki TA210 – TA530 Landleader information | Water pump defective

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TA207, TA210, TA215, TA227, TA230, TA235, TA247, TA250, TA255, TA262, TA263, TA267, TA270, TA270, TA275, TA287, TA525, TA530

In this YouTube video, we demonstrate the repair process of an Iseki TA Landeader. The specific problem being addressed involves a worn water pump that has play. A properly functioning water pump is essential for cooling the engine and preventing overheating. Slack in the water pump can lead to coolant leakage and eventually complete pump failure, which can cause severe overheating and damage to the cylinder head seal or cylinder head. To solve this problem, all necessary parts are provided by Shop4trac to avoid such problems.

The video begins with a thorough inspection of the water pump to determine the extent of damage. One of the most common signs of a worn water pump is coolant leakage. With a worn water pump, the bearings can become loose, leading to the observed backlash. Backlash means there is play on the fan attached to the water pump. After the diagnosis is made, it is decided to replace the water pump to prevent further damage. The sound of worn bearings is also an indication that replacement is necessary.

The video shows step by step how to disassemble the old water pump. After removing the old water pump, thoroughly clean the area around the mounting points before installing the new water pump. Any residue should be removed with an abrasive such as Scotch Brite.

The new water pump is carefully installed and attached. The video highlights the importance of following proper methods to ensure that the water pump functions correctly and does not fail prematurely. After the water pump is installed, the coolant is refilled and the entire cooling system is checked for possible leaks. Make sure the V-belt is not over-tightened!

The repair restores the Iseki TA Landeader to efficient and reliable operation, preventing possible overheating.

In the video, we want to show that most repairs can easily be done by yourself. Avoid “costly” repairs and, if necessary, ask for repair manuals so you can do the work yourself. Good luck with the repair, and if it fails, please email us!


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