Engine oil filter | Kubota D1105, V1505, WG1605

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Engine oil filter suitable for:


  • 425, 428, 463, 553 F, 923, BAP 720, E25, T300
  • AM3300, AR20, AR30
  • B1241 D-EC, B2231 HDB, B2231 HDB-C, B2311 HDB, B2311 HDB-C, B2710 HSD, B2910 HSD, B3030 HSD, B3150
  • D2400
  • F2400, F2404 4WD, F3060, F3060 R, F3560, F3680, F3890 EU
  • FZ2100, FZ2400
  • KX024, KX027-4, KX030-4, KX037-4, KX27, KX36-2, KX36-2 ALPHA, KX36-2 ALPHA, KX41, KX41-2, KX41-2 SV, KX61-2, KX61-2 ALPHA, KX61-3, KX61-3 ALPHA, KX71, KX71-2, KX71-2 ALPHA, KX71-3, KX91-2
  • LX351, LX401
  • R310
  • RG30
  • RT140, RT150, RT280
  • S2800 D
  • ST30
  • ZD 1211 R

Engines Kubota

  • D1005 E, D1105, D1105 B, D1105 E, D1105 EU2, D1105 KA, D1305-E3B, D1305 EF04
  • V1205/E, V1205 TE, V1305 E, V1505, V1505/B/BH/E, V1505 TE, V1505 T-EU1, V3300 TD
  • WG1605-G-E3, WG1605-GL-E3, WG1605-L-E3, WG1605-N-E3

Engines Yanmar

  • 2T72HLE, 2T75HLE, 2T90 LE
  • 3T72 HLE, 3T75 HLE, 3T80 LE, 3T84 HLE-G1, 3T84 HLE-S/G1, 3T90 LE, 3TN100 E, 3TN100 ESD, 3TNE100, 3TNV82 A, 3TNV82 A-B, 3TNV84, 3TNV84 T, 3TNV84 T-Z, 3TNV88, 3TNV88-B, 3TNV88 F, 3TNV88-U
  • 4HNGFM. 4TN100 SDI. 4TN100 TLF, 4TNE106 TE-SA/G1A, 4TNE98 E-SA/G1A, 4TNV106, 4TNV106 T, 4TNV82 A, 4TNV84, 4TNV84 T, 4TNV84 T-Z, 4TNV88, 4TNV88-B, 4TNV88 BDCR, 4TNV88-BPYB, D4TNV88-U, 4TNV94 L, 4TNV98, 4TNV98 CRT, 4TNV98-E, 4TNV98 L-WBV1, 4TNV98 T, 4TNV98 T-Z, 4TNV98-Z


  • Outside diameter: 83 mm.
  • Height: 92
  • Thread: M20X1.5


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Oil filter | Kubota 2 cylinder | Yanmar 2 cylinder |

Engine oil filter | Kubota D1105, V1505, WG1605

$7.98 inc VAT

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